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One step - take just onve step to approach best placements, top brands and advertising professionals.

Bandit the deal - ignore the "exclusives", ignore the traditional routes. Go direct.

Your next big deal
could be just a
few clicks away.

Online advertising marketplace -
a wiki-network of websites and industry professionals to approach directly.

New and simple
communications channel
for bid messages only.

Cut the crap and filter off the noise - set incomming bid filters to get only the relevant stuff.

Sell it out - get a full
house at your best price.

Play big. Imagine your
best deal. Then get it.

We're about heating
it up. Pushing your
ad sales to their limit.
And somewhat beyond.

Commission free. Direct. Easy.


Free sign up, with free of charge feature-rich plans for all user types coming summer 2011.

At the moment system is in a private beta (no invite codes, sorry).

Read more about how it works, or if you are one of the beta testers:


Bandits, real bandits

Eliminate the middle-man. Target, approach - and make you next big deal directly.

We are a wiki-network of websites and online advertising professionals. At BanditAds we build communication tools for publshers, advertisers, creative professionals, online marketing professionals (and advertising agencies), marketing content producers. All major types of folks around.

We aim to reduce the noise. Create a special, online marketing dedicated communication channel. Provide tools that bypass all the complex and inefficient existing ways things work at the moment. Or more so - don't work.

As of May 2011 we're in a closed beta with a few trusted testers in each system role. Target launch: Summer 2011, follow updates via @BanditAds or check back shortly!

Read more on benefits we target for: publishers, advertisers, creative professionals, agencies, content producers - each section contains brief use scenario and general Q&As.

We are a small bootstrapped startup in London, UK - contact us, if you feel you need to.

Disruption is our main market strategy: we target the bad guys with their old and disfunctional ways of doing things in online marketing, multiple layers of in-between's, policies and hidden charges.

Free is the main word - we'll connect advertisers and publishers on a 0% commission basis, no catch, no hidden costs. Stay tuned.

  General FAQ
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Quick facts:

Wiki-network of websites.

Messaging system / marketplace for online advertising bids.

Each message comes with a bid.

Offer to sell or buy ad inventory, consulting services, production, creative support - directly.

User's settings filter out irrelevant bids.

No lock-in: feel free to switch to email/phone.

No commission, SaaS tools with free and paid plans.

New channel, dedicated to online marketing communication.

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